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SG-1 Debrief - Stargate SG-1 Newsletter - Issue 213 - 01/01/2017

Please note that while we try to note spoilers in meta posts where possible, and we try to make sure links for newer material is categorised separately and clearly labelled, we can't guarantee that posts are spoiler-free. Follow all links at your own risks.

Fan Fic

There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather by [personal profile] antares_dw  Jack/Daniel, Rated: G

Fan Art

Manipulation/Chaptalization by [personal profile] magnavox_23  Jack/Daniel, Jack/Sam, Rated: G to R


A New Year by [personal profile] antares_dw  Daniel, Rated: n/a

Grab Bag
2016 Companion by [personal profile] magnavox_23  

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